What Online Gambling Newbies Should Avoid

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Though the eventual goal of gambling both online and off is to win, win, win, you won’t be able to do so unless you have a few guidelines to go by, especially if you are new. “Newbies”, as new players are often called, can easily lose their money (often called a bankroll) in the blink of an eye because they are unaware of some of the differences between offline and online gambling.

There are a few pitfalls that you can avoid while participating in online gambling that you may not have even know existed. Knowledge is a key part of winning in any gambling, but it can especially if you are gambling online, and even moreso if you are brand new to gambling online.

Below is a list of tips and tricks that even pros follow so that they can maximize their own advantage and minimize that of the casinos:

  • Do not bet more than you had planned on. Before you load funds into your online gambling account, you should take care to plan ahead how much you are willing to spend, and only spend that amount. If you have $200 in disposable income for your gamlbing entertainment, only bet that amount. Betting more can lead to further losses and start a domino effect, A domino effect means that you keep losing because you are throwing good money after bad and won’t stop like you are supposed to. This can only lead to bad things in the end. Only bet what you initially said you would. Which leads to even more tips:
  • Do not bet your payouts. A payout in any casino, online or off, is what you won. If you set the money you win aside, then you are sure to leave with something in your pocket as opposed to none. Also, as referenced above, you should never gamble more than your predetermined amount. If your predetermined amount is $200, but you won $50 with that $200 and then gamble the fifty dollars, then that means you actually spent $250, which means that you went over your budget. This may seem insignificant, but when you add this up over more than one gambling session, the amount you went over your initial budget can add up quickly and lead to worse losses. Never bet your winnings.
  • Only load funds into your online gambling account once per gambling session. Let’s say you use NeTeller to fund your account at your favorite online casino. Once you predetermine the amount that you are going to use for this particular gambling session, you can then send that amount to your account, but then no more! Even if you lose all the money, but think you can win the next bet, DON’T DO IT! Only send one payment per session, so you can assure that you don’t lose your shirt.
  • Avoid alcohol at all costs. While most people think they can avoid this by gambling online (where there is not a waitress trying to entice you with free drinks), you would be surprised how many people equate gambling with alcohol and do it anyways, even online. Avoiding alcohol will help you make better bets and wagers, which will (hopefully) in the end make it so that you can win more or at least break even.
  • If you are getting the jitters about a particular bet, then don’t do it. Often people will have a sinking feeling or even a feeling of remorse before placing a bet- this can mean a whole lot of things, and is almost never good. If you truly have a bad feeling about something, then you should not place the bet. Just avoid it altogether, for two reasons- one, your intuition may be right. Two, you will not feel bad later about placing the bet, whether you won or lose. Gambler’s remorse is actually worse than ‘buyer’s remorse’, because you can’t return a bet or wager like you can a pair of pants or an appliance.




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