What Is An If-bet And Why Would I Make One?


Have you ever wanted to bet on two different games or even just the game and the total and only had the money in your account to place one bet? Well, with the use of an if-bet you can make your money go twice as far. Here’s how it works: You place a bet where the situation is IF the first bet wins THEN the second bet has action (based upon monies won from the previous wager).

Here is an example

Account balance = $55

Game = Wizards-4 v. Lakers (202)

You want to bet the entire amount on the Wizards but you also want to wager on the total of the game, but not in a parlay. First you need to decide which wager is more likely to be a winner. This is important because the nature of the if-bet is a dependency on the first wager winning – the “if” in if-bet. Next you decide how much you want to wager on the second bet (the amount to win on the second wager is anything from the book minimum to the total amount of the previous bet plus winnings). Once you have made this decision log-on to or call your book and place the bet. It’s that easy!

Here is what this wager would look like in the above example wagering $55 on the first bet and maxing-out on the second bet:

If the Wizards -4 ($55 to win $50) is a winner then I want Wizards/Lakers over 202 ($105 to win $95.45)

If both propositions come in you end up with an account balance of $200.45. That’s quite a difference from the $105 made on a single a straight bet on the Wizards!

Not all sportsbooks allow this sort of wagering so carefully review the rules before attempting to make this kind of wager.

General rules for if-bets are as follows (these can vary greatly between establishments):

1. If bets can only be made on games that have a starting time and date that is equal to or before the if bet’s dependent proposition.

2. You cannot if together bets that are dependant on one another (ex. iffing the first half to the entire game or vice versa)

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