What Are Online Casino Payout Percentages?


When a customer requests their money from an online casino, many times it’s referred to as a payout. But this can very often be confused with another common online casino term called ‘payout percentages’. But these are actually two very different things, and it is important for every online gambler to know the difference.

A payout percentage is the amount of money that an online casino takes in as bets that is given back as wins. For instance, if a casino advertises a payout percentage of 98%, then that means that for every $100 taken in, $98 is given directly back to the customers in the form of a payout, meaning a win.

When someone requests a payout, they are requesting their money from the casino. Do you see how it can be confused? But they are very different terms with different meanings.

You may be wondering why the payout percentages are so high. Certainly these are higher than a traditional casino. In fact, a selling point of several online casinos is that they have “better than Vegas odds”. Well, they can do this in order to attract customers to their virtual doors. Since they have much less overhead than a traditional casino, they can offer perks like bonuses and high payout percentages because they need less profit to stay afloat and profitable.

It may seem too good to be true. But fortunately for you, it often isn’t. Use the guide on this website to find the casinos with the best payout percentage. Each and every casino is honest and fair and is independently audited to ensure that their payout percentages are for real.

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