The Wise Gambler


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  1. The wise gambler is one who follows the 15 Golden Rules of Gambling.
  2. The wise gambler learns all about the rules of the game he or she chooses to play before playing the game for real money.
  3. The wise gambler has a strategy of where to play, how to play, how much to bet, and when to quit.
  4. The wise gambler does not lose control, become emotionally upset or become mad when losing a bet because he or she knows that losing a bet is an integral part of playing the game.
  5. The wise gambler does not blame his or her losses on bad luck, the stupid play of other players, or the unbelievable luck of the dealer.
  6. The wise gambler knows that “big wins” are a rare occurrence and that small profits are okay.
  7. The wise gambler is confident of his or her playing ability and has a winning attitude.




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