The Language Of Las Vegas

las vegas terminology

Toke: Tip or gratuity.

Comp Short: for free or complimentary

RFB comp: The casino is impressed with a credit rating and has ordered that a customer be given free room, food and beverage (RFB) during a hotel stay.

In red: A comped customer’s name usually appears “in red” on a maitre d’s reservation chart.

High roller: A customer with the reputation of wagering large sums of money in the casino.

Marker: An IOU owed the casino by a gambler allowed by the hotel to play on credit.

Coupons: Redeemable for nearly everything from a free meal to a free pull on a slot machine (ask the hotel whether it has a coupon book or what is commonly called – Fun Book).

Shooter: A gambler who is rolling the dice on a craps table.

Shoe: A container from which several decks of cards are dealt on the baccarat and blackjack tables, meaning the dealer slides the cards out of the “shoe”.

Stickman: The dealer who moves the dice around on a craps table with a hook-shaped stick.

Drop box: A locked box located on live gambling tables where dealers deposit paper money.

Boxman: The craps table dealer who sits over the drop box and supervises bets and payoffs.

Pit boss: The person who oversees numerous table dealers.

Casino boss: The person who oversees the entire casino.

Limit: The minimum or maximum bet accepted at a gambling table, established by the house.

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Spoon: One device used by slot machine cheaters.

Eye in the sky: A one-way mirror surveillance in the casino area. Mirrors or dark glass that decorate casino ceilings conceal people assigned to watch the casino action to prevent cheating by players or dealers. There also are cameras behind the one-way mirrors that record action at the gaming tables.

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