Steps To Take If You Do Not Receive Your Payout Money


When you win a hand/spin/etc at an online casino, the resulting money you earn is called a payout. When you request your payout to be paid directly to you in cash instead of casino credits, it’s called a withdrawal. So what happens if you request your payout in the form of a withdrawal, and you don’t receive it? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Contact Customer Service: If it is a minor mistake of some sort that has caused the delay, then you will find that customer service is not only willing but also able to help you. But sometimes that is not going to help, especially if it’s a bigger issue.
  • Contact the webmaster/casino manager: If customer service can not or (in rare cases) will not help you, this is your next available outlet. If the problem is a solvable one, they usually have the discretion to take care of it.
  • Contact the software dispute service, if applicable: Some of the bigger software companies offer dispute services between player and casino for online casinos that use their software. Not all do this, though. So check and see which software the casino uses, and go to their website directly. You will be able to find out there whether or not they offer such a service and what you have to do to file a complaint.
  • Legal Action: This should only be used as a last resort. Between customer service, the casino manager and the possible dispute service, there should be a way to resolve your problem. But if it is still not resolved, then it may be time to contact a lawyer.

Now, before you panic it is important to know that most online gamblers have no problems receiving their withdrawals. However, like anything, there are a few rogue casinos that are deceptive. You can find out a list of honest, trusted casinos by using the guides on this website.




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