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Rules of Progressive Slot Machine

The rules of online slots are pretty simple: insert coins, pull handle and pray. Not necessarily in that order! Even still, the simplicity of the game makes slots appealing and the anticipation that comes before each spin of the reels and the excitement that accompanies winning a large jackpot makes slot machines extremely fun to play.

Online Slot Machine Strategy

While normal non-progressive slot machines may be fun to play, there is little the advantage gambler can do to gain an edge over standard slot machines. However, a new breed of slots, called progressives are not only fun to play, they can (at times) offer the astute gambler a positive expectation (in other words, there are times when Progressive Slot Machines will PAY OUT more than they TAKE IN, thus giving the player an edge, or positive expectation.

In order to identify which machines are *currently* offering a positive expectation-type game, it is necessary to have a general idea of what the odds are of hitting the Jackpot or winning the mega-prize are and compare these odds against how much money would have to be “played” before it was likely that the Jackpot would be hit.

Most reputable online casinos offer some type of “odds of winning” information on their progressive slots. However, a general rule of thumb (although it may sound obvious) is to play the machines with the largest Jackpots.

Also, in order to take advantage of this positive-expectation gamble occasionally offered by the Progressives Slots it is necessary to play Max Coins in order to be eligible for the Progressive Jackpot.

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Let’s take an example to illustrate how Progressives offer the player an edge

Suppose the Jackpot of a Progressive Slot Machine is 52,000, it costs 1$ to play max coins per each spin (assuming a 25 cent machine and max bet being 4 coins or 1$) and the odds against winning the jackpot are 40,000 to 1.

Well, on the average for every $40,000 you wager through this machine, you will get back on average $52,000 (i.e. your return is greater than your investment-positive expectation).

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While wagering $40,000 might seem extreme this DOES NOT MEAN THAT $40,000 MUST BE LOST, it just means that this amount of money must be played and you would be surprised at how much you wager at $1/spin.

Just remember, the typically slot player makes approximately 1000 spins/hour or more so in our example it should take you about 40 hours of play to hit this Jackpot. Naturally, you will win smaller amounts along the way as you play that will keep you in the game until the Jackpot is hit.




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