Slot Machine Etiquettes

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In general it has been noticed that players of slot machine and video poker machines don’t like to think about the procedures and etiquette while playing the game.

They tend to do this since slot playing is pretty solitary activity and in most of the cases doesn’t really need to interact with other players.

However, there is some etiquette that as a player you should follow while playing the game. Following this simple etiquette you not only make your presence in the casino enjoyable but at the same time other players also experience the same feelings. Given below are the few etiquette tips.

Coin Cups on Handles or Seats:

Usually in the casino when you see a coin cup on a machine’s handle or on the seat in front of the machine. Or you may even find a jacket on the chair of a machine. It means that the machine is pre occupied by some other player.

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Players may take a break for toilet or refreshment or for some other reason in between their game. Please remember that it may not be possible for a player to sit in the same position for long.

So they may opt for a break and at the same time may want to reserve the machine for him so that he can again start playing on the same machine when he is back. This may even happen to you. In such a case you should respect this and look for some other machine.

If you are the one holding the machine then you should do what you have to do and get back to the machine as quickly as possible. In some casinos if you need to take a bathroom break you can ask a slot attendant to stand by your machine while go. If you do have an attendant watch your machine it is customary to tip them for doing so.

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