RNG Program For Slot Machines

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The main part of the slot machine or as said by the most of the players, the brain of the slot machine is the Random Number Generator (RNG). Though most of the players have idea that slot machine consists of an electronic chip, which generates number randomly and continuously, but they seem to be unaware of the working principle of this chip as to generate random numbers. And as a result they have developed many misconceptions and myths.

One of the most common myths is that a machine has a cycle that can let a player know when it is due to hit. Many “Snake Oil Salesmen” will try to sell you a system for doing just that. Save your money it can’t be done.

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Now let us look into the details of Random number generator. There is a microprocessor inside the slot machine just like those are found in home pcs. This microprocessor instead of running any application software runs a special program, the RNG program. The main purpose of this RNG program is to generate numbers to correspond to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine.

You might say that the RNG is in perpetual motion. This program gets executed all the time as long as there is power supply to the machine and constantly generates random numbers in every millisecond. The number that gets generated constantly by the program ranges between 0 to 4 billion approximately. This generated number is then translated into a specific set of numbers, which corresponds to the symbols in the reels. The number that is being generated by the RNG program determines the outcome of each spin. This number is chosen when you hit the spin button or deposit a coin.

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