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Ok, you’ve made the decision to play online poker. Congratulations! Now what? Whether you have decided to play free online poker, money online poker, play online poker tournament, play Texas Holdem online, or just have a good time playing fun poker play online you must “learn to play poker online”.

Remember every single poker player online was a beginner at one time, so don’t be intimidated by the huge numbers on players (you’ll only be playing at one table with 8-10 players at a time. The poker room reviews we have listed for you have all been tested, played with the beginner perspective in mind.

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All are safe, secure, fair and Fun poker rooms where you may play online poker with the confidence you will be treated fairly.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you ease into play Texas Holdem online. Enjoy!

  • Consider setting up a personal bank account exclusively for your gaming needs online. You can use this account to fund your Casino accounts and Poker accounts without the chance of spending the rent money.
  • I personally have used Neteller for over five years to fund and withdraw funds for hundreds of Casinos and Poker Rooms that we test. Not a single problem…ever. They have a great free ATM card that you can use at your local bank. It is so fast it will be in your nearest ATM in less time than it takes to drive to the bank. Get one!
  • Next, you need to decide where to play. Many factors can enter into this depending on what you want to do. Think about what to use for your player nickname (choose several as many are taken). We suggest no matter which Online Poker Room you choose, play a few hands for free to get a “feel” for how it all works. Then play for real money. In choosing a poker room I personally don’t like to wait for a game to start, so I choose one of the larger rooms. Now might be a good time to go to our Poker Tournaments page and look at the available Free Rolls and Tournaments starting times. THEN, come back here.
  • Now go to (Ooops forgot) Bookmark the best Online Poker website. This is important! You will want to return to check on starting times and dates for FreeRolls and Tournaments for each Poker Room every time you want to play. These are updated every minute 24 hours a day 7 days a week as they become available. A very useful and necessary resource. Take a look at our How to Play Tips page. Ok, now click on the links on the top of this page or read the best online poker review. Make your selection.
  • Download their software, select the free online poker option and try your skills.
  • Once you are comfortable with how it all works, and you find you really can win!
  • Go to the cashier and make a real money deposit from your Neteller account.
  • Keep good records of all your deposits and play at each poker room.
  • Play online poker and WIN! Then go to the cashier and withdraw your winnings!

The staff of would like to thank you for your trust and confidence, and we wish you the very best of luck with your first experience with Online Poker.




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