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slot machine history

It is a colorful part of American history. Slot machine is the invention of America, though has been taken over by the entire world today. It has found its place not only in casinos but also even at bus terminals, lounges and pubs in England and has become unavoidable. These are all current days scenario. But its history starts with its inventor, Charles Fey.

Fey invented the game in the year 1895. But unfortunately could not give it a shape till 1907 when he made tie up with the Mills Novelty Company. They produced the first, so called Slot machines, which was named as the Mills Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell featured a cast iron case, with a Liberty Bell embedded on the front of the machine. The machine’s reel selections had pictures of playing cards (hearts, spades, diamonds). The fruit machine was still yet to be in its existence but at the same time was not very far behind.

slot machine history example

A slight variation to the Liberty Bell was made in the year of 1910 and its new name became The Operator Bell. It was also built by the Mills Company. It featured the famous and delicious fruit symbols. It is evident from the different sources that by the end of 1915, over thirty thousand (30,000) such machines were made using cast iron. Since cast iron constituents the machine, it was becoming expensive. Hence wooden cabinets were then introduced in order to minimize the cost.

Over the next couple of decades the Mills Company made numerous changes and alterations to the machines and to the game itself. Multiple jackpots, quieter running machines, colorful cabinets to attract players, and eventually specific themes. The phenomenon that is still keeping the history of slot machines fresh, themes, began at this time and hasn’t looked back since. Some of the original themes included the ‘Roman Head’, the ‘Castle Front’, the ‘War Eagle’, and the ‘Lion Head’.

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