How To Play Video Poker

To successfully play video poker, as a player, you need to have a basic understanding of the various poker hands and be able to rate your hand. Though playing the game as such is simple enough but you need to have a good analyzing power as to understand exactly which card to hold and which one to discard.

While beginning the play choose the coin size you want to play. Then choose exactly how many coins you want to bet. Then all you need to do is click deal to start a game.

Now you get to see your first hand of cards in the play area of your screen. Please have a careful look on your cards since based on these cards you are going to bet. You should evaluate the cards in your hand and compare them with the payout schedule on your screen.

video poker machine exemple

Any winning hands will be indicated on the payout schedule and, if you have automatic hold enabled, the cards will automatically be kept for you.

In power poker you will be able to hold an entire column of cards by clicking on the card in that row in the first hand and unselect a column of cards by clicking on that card again. Each time you choose to keep a card a bar saying held will be displayed across the card.

Hold the cards that can potentially give you the highest payout.

Now click the draw button to get your new cards. If your cards make up a winning hand you will be having two options open before you then. First option is to double your money and play again and the second option being to collect your winnings and end the game.

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