How To Play Texas Hold’em

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Whether you want play free online poker or online poker tournaments Texas Hold’em is by a big margin the game of choice. More than likely Texas Hold’em will be your first game to play.

I play Texas Holdem online and learned early on there are sharks and fish everywhere, so, Learn how to play Texas Holdem first, follow the rules to play Texas Holdem below, get familiar with the flop, button, river, turn card, and showdown. If you play money Texas Holdem follow the instructions on how to play Texas Holdem, and your FUN time spent will result in profits.

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There are numerous books written on Strategy of Texas Hold’em by authors that are experts in their field. Buy several of these and study them carefully to give yourself the best advantage at the tables. It might be a good idea to check our Glossary of Poker Terms to get a feel for what everyone is saying in “Poker Speak”.

  • Purpose Texas Hold’em is fast moving (usually) 7-card game, the objective is to make the best 5 card hand using your 2 dealt down cards and the 5 community cards dealt face up in the center of the table.
  • Dealer Button: Prior to dealing one player will be given the dealer button (usually a small round disc with a “D” on it). The position of the “dealer” is very important since the two players to the left of the “dealer” are required to post the small and big “blinds”. Then after each hand the “Dealer Button” moves to the left. This keeps things fair as every player is then the “dealer” and required to post a small and big blind.
  • Blinds The size of the small and big blinds are determined by the table stakes. The small blind is usually one half of the minimum bet and the big blind equal to the minimum bet. Such as at a $2/$4 table the blinds would be $1 and $2.
  • Opening Deal Once the blinds have been posted the card dealer will start dealing clockwise around the table. Each player receiving two “down or pocket” cards. Now the fun starts!
  • Betting Begins The betting begins with the first player to the left of the big blind.
  • First Round Betting Each player now has three options, fold, raise or call the big blind. Since the two players that posted the small and big blinds actually started the betting, so each player must at least call the big blind to stay in the game. At this point checking isn’t allowed. The betting continues around the table clockwise until it reaches the player that posted the first blind.
  • He can check, (if there have been no raises), fold or raise. Raises are at the lowest table stakes ($2) in a $2/$4 game. Usually the standard is a maximum of 3 raises before being “capped”.
  • The Flop The card dealer “Flops” three cards face up in the center of the table (the board) the “Community cards” now each player can build the best hand combining his two pocket cards and the three community cards. You did put your poker face on didn’t you? Now the real fun starts!
  • Second Bet Round Once again betting begins (at lower table stakes) with the player to the left of the “dealer” , even if the dealer has folded, this player will begin the betting. This continues the same as before the flop, clockwise around the table to the remaining players.
  • Turn Card is the fourth card dealt face up. Betting continues as before except bets must be at the higher table stakes, in this case $4.
  • River Card is the fifth and final card dealt face up. The final round of betting begins as before at $4 with the remaining players. Make your best five card hand from your pocket cards and the community cards. Bet accordingly? Bluff? Fold? Check? Sorry, you’re on your own!
  • Showdown: All players reveal their pocket cards starting with the last player to bet. One more thing if all players but you have folded, you have the option to not show your pocket cards (I never show mine) I love to keep them guessing whether I bluffed ’em out of the pot. Stack them chips!

See, not all that difficult to learn. Well, sort of. Read, learn a strategy that suits your playing style and I hope to see you at the tables and on ESPN! Now is the time to choose where to play, go to Online Poker Reviews and select a poker room. Then go to Poker Tournaments and find your poker rooms Tournament/FreeRoll listings of start times.

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The staff of CasinoDemos guide wants to thank you for your trust and confidence. We wish you the very best of Luck in your quest to the WSOP!




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