How To Find The Best Poker Bonus

Best Poker Bonus

When a player jumps from site to site in order to take advantage of every conceivable bonus offer, this player is affectionately known as a “bonus whore”. These people understand that poker sites always need new players.

In an effort to attract new accounts and prompt existing players into making deposits, poker sites will offer deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and a slew of other promotional incentives. They take advantage of all these promotional opportunities. Bonus whoring is a great way for you to grow your beginning bankroll. Here are some the finer details of the practice.

Bonus Requirements Vary from Site to Site

When it comes to clearing a bonus, it’s important to keep in mind that different sites have different play-through requirements. There are sites out there that will give you 60 days to complete your requirements. Other sites give you just a month. Some sites offer multiple bonus options that have different sets of requirements.

A speed bonus can be fulfilled quickly while a more lucrative bonus will have more intense requirements. Some sites will require you to collect a certain amount of player points before your bonus cash becomes available. Other sites base your play-through requirements on the amount of rake you generate.

You may also have to play through your bonus a certain amount of times (i.e. 10x) before you can unlock your bonus money. Game and tournament restrictions may also apply, so make sure you read the terms of each offer before you sign up for a particular site.

Use Affiliate Links and Bonus Codes

If you want to maximize the amount of free money you can earn while playing poker online, then you need to target the best bonuses on the Web. Online poker sites can have very good deals, but these deals can be enhanced when you sign up through an affiliate site. If you use an affiliate link to sign up for a poker room, or if you enter an exclusive bonus code, you could greatly increase the amount of bonus money you receive.

Casino demos offers some of the best sign-up bonuses on the Internet, so if you’re looking for a new poker room, you’re welcome to look through our room reviews and exclusive bonus offers.

Monitor Your Progress

If you’re constantly shifting funds from account to account in an effort to fulfill all your bonus requirements, then you need to figure out a way to monitor your progress. Keep a log for each site so you know exactly how many raked hands or player points you’ve generated at any given time. If you’re playing at multiple sites at once, it’s easy to lose track of how much more playing time you’ll need to put in before your complete bonus amount is cleared. Stay on top of your requirements by closely monitoring your play-through progress.

With a little research, some comparisons, help from affiliates and an organized monitoring system, you can bonus whore your way to a ton of free money. Make sure you’ve practiced your skills before embarking on your bonus-hunting journey. Use freerolls and play money opportunities to learn the game first. Once you’re confident in your abilities, start looking for bonuses to target.




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