Online Casino: The House Advantages


Every online casino game has a built in profit on every bet. This profit is known as the House Edge, or House Advantage. This is how casinos go about extracting money from players in order to increase their revenues and stay in business.

Skilled players can cut the house advantage to zero or even swing the odds in their favor. At the minimum, a skilled player can cut the casino’s edge to less than 1 percent. Skilled players not only know the rules of the games they play, but also follow a sound strategy for the games they play.

The lesser the house advantage, the more favorable the game is to players. Online casinos generally have lesser house advantages and more flexible rules than land-based casinos. Online casinos do not have the overhead and personnel cost of land-based casinos, therefore online casinos can afford to give the player a better advantage.

The following table shows the house advantage of the land-based casinos in Atlantic City. RED type indicates that the house advantage is based on perfect play by the player. Without perfect play, the house advantage is higher.

* Indicates typical game rules. Actual game rules may vary.
** Indicates odds for a flush, full house, and royal flush (in that order).





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