Frequency Vs. Payback In Online Slots

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Frequency and Payback are the two terms that are associated with slot machines and are often used incorrectly by the players. Simply because they get confused with this two jargons. That is why in this section, a very clear concept on this two terms are given so that u don’t get confused with this two terms any more.

How much overall percentage a machine will return to the player in the long run is referred to as Payback. This percentage may vary from 75 to 99 from casino to casino. The manufacturers of the slot machines according to the specifications given by the casinos basically program these payback figures into the chip of the slot machine. Some states regulate the minimum payback that a machine can return. Machines with a small payback are usually referred to as tight machines and ones with the higher payback are referred to as loose machines.

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Sometimes a casino may advertise that they have the loosest machines in town. This means that the machines are set with a higher payback. Some may even advertise the exact percentage of that some of their machines as being 98 or 99 percent. Although this doesn’t mean that al of their machines are set to payback this amount. It’s not uncommon to have two of the exact same machines side-by-side set to different paybacks.

Sometimes, when a machine is not paying out, many slot players says that it is a cold machine. What they really by this is that the machine’s payback is terrible. But actually they wanted to mean that the frequency at which that machine is returning coins is very low.

Frequency is the percentage of spins that will return something to the player. It is based on how many times each symbol is on the wheel and how often a winning combination will occur. A machine that has a low hit frequency may only have a winning combination show up one in every ten spins while a high frequency machines may have winning combinations show up on an average of every three or four spins.

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