Card Counting And Memory Tricks

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We have looked at players who have cheated in different ways to get an advantage over the casino like Richard Marcus techniques and the mobile-phone scam. It is, however, possible to win and still play a fair game.

One of the most classic ways to beat the house is to count cards in blackjack. In theory, it is a quite simple technique, although it’s hard to pull off in a real casino environment. Not only because you need a sharp mind and stay focused all the time, but also because the casino probably will kick you out if they find out what you’re up to.

How Card Counting Works

If you allow me to simplify card counting a bit, this is how it’s done.

Enter a blackjack game when the dealer is shuffling the decks.

Track and remember all cards that have been in play (or what type of cards: low, middle, 10s and aces.)

When the remaining deck gives you an advantage, start playing with higher stakes.

If you’re interested in learning how to spot when the player gets an edge, please study the articles about card counting and the famous MIT card counting group. But for now, let’s just settle with the fact that it’s possible.

One of the tough parts of card counting, alongside avoiding “heat” from the casino staff, is to remember the previous cards. The film below shows how blackjack experts use memory tricks to know when the game becomes favorable. Learn this, and you could actually beat the house in a regular blackjack game.




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