How To Play American Video Poker

Video: How To Play American Video Poker

What is Online Poker?

Poker different from other card games very much depends on the skills then that of luck. This makes it a very interesting game. This is one of the most sorted out games in adult gaming industry. Poker not only provides you with entertainment but also provide you a good opportunity to win some serious money.

The Game of Poker

Poke is not at all an “all luck game”, it needs skill to be played and won. This is basically a playing card game. Generally poker uses a standard pack of playing cards which contains 52 cards. There are some poker games where the count of the playing cards are different. This depends on the variation of the game, at some places this count is even higher then that of 50 cards, this variation is due to usage of additional wild cards like jokers. Aces being high values of respective suits followed by King, Queen, Jack and then in decreasing order from 10 to 2 (the Lowest). There can be four suits – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades – None of them being superior from others.

Poker Hand Rankings basic

To play the game of Poker, one need to posses thorough knowledge about the cards he/she gets in a deal. Knowing how to judge ones hand is the key of the game. The following are the possible poker hands listed from best to worst.

Betting Basics

Betting is generally started with an ante to get the cards dealt. The ante may range from anything from a small penny to virtually any other thing according to the wish of the player. The entire bet money is placed at the center of the table and is termed as Pot. Pot is won by the player who stays in the game till the end with the highest hand.

What should you know before you play?

This section is must for those who are new to the world of Poker game. Know the very basic steps that u need to take before you choose a room to play the game of Poker.

Different kind of poker games

There are five main kinds of poker games that are played online. Each game is slightly different than the other. Know in depth the rules of these variations of Poker Game.

Online Poker Tournament

Know where and when online tournaments are held. This section will also provide you the getaways to those tournaments as well.

Suggestions, tips and strategies

We had compiled some suggestion and tips that will help the new online players to get accustomed to the poker. These tips will surely add efficiency to your gaming capabilities. The free trial games are available every where, please try out these first and then go for the real one.

Poker Terminology

The game of poker is the world of it’s own. It have it’s own lingo !! you must know the terms before hand you decide to play. Go through the different terminologies that are being used extensively with the game of Poker. To become the master of this game you should be aware of all the terms and hence we recommend you to visit this section.