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video poker history

The Birth of the Video poker game is very interesting since it resembles to the present day playing of online internet video poker games. The exact origins of poker are often debated and no precise answers exist. Furthermore there are no clear explanations as to how the game initially was created.

In the year 1834, Jonathan Green allegedly made the earliest references to poker. He in his writings mentioned the rules of a game he referred to as the “cheating game.” It was a card game, which was being played in riverboats all along the Mississippi River during this time. After discovering that he had assumedly made the first references to the game he chose to call it poker.

The game of poker is one of the best-known and most popular card games in North America. In the U.S. it became exceedingly popular in the mid 1830’s. The game has remained practically unchanged for many years. The last significant change was the introduction of the jokers as wildcards in around 1875.

video poker machine history

Also there exists debate on the origins of the word Poker. Many dictionaries indicated that it was derived from and eighteenth century French game, poque. There are also many dictionaries that make reference to a German game known as pochspiel. Others say it may have originated from the Hindu word, pukka.

Till now I was discussing about the game POKER from which the game of Video Poker originated. Its very sure that the game of video poker was made possible by of the invention of the computer chip, thus its origins can be traced back to the mid 1970’s. The actual term “video poker” is used to refer to the many variations of the original poker game.

Video poker, already specified, is very closely related to the regular game of poker and is derived from a combination of slot machines and five-card draw poker. The major differences between regular poker and video poker is that you are playing against a machine rather than real people, and your goal is to achieve particular hands rather than beat opponents hands as there are no other players.




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