About Texas Hold’em


Texas Hold’em – this is one of the most favorite and most popular forms of poker played around the world. Quite easy and simple to learn, make this game a very adaptable type of verity.

Goal of the game – To finish with the best poker hand, and win the pot!

How to play Texas Hold’em: 2 cards facing down are dealt to each poker player. And five other cards are dealt faced up on the poker table. To win the game, a player must create a 5-card sequence using his face-down cards and any or all of the 5 common cards also known as community cards.

Example: If you have a 9 of hearts and a 4 of diamonds; your opponent has an ace of clubs and a five of diamonds; the community cards are: 5 of diamonds, 8 of spades, 7 of clubs, 6 of hearts and an ace of diamonds. Which player o wins? You, because you can form a straight (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) while your opponent can only form two pairs (pair of aces and a pair of fives).

Steps of play

Important Rule: Most of the time four round betting scheme is applied. The entire betting is done in four steps. For the first two rounds you can bet or raise only as per the minimum amount permissible. During the last two the bets and raises must equal the maximum amount.

Blind bets are made the beginning of the game. The player who sits to the left of the dealer starts the blind bet. Then two cards are dealt facing-down to each Player

First round of betting – Here you can fold, bet, or raise. Only one bet, and three raises per Player are allowed on the first round.

Three communal cards (flop) are dealt face-up in the center of the table. All communal cards can be used by all the players and can be used in combination with each Player’s two cards which were dealt before.

Second round of betting – Here you can check, fold, bet, or raise.
Fourth communal card (Turn) is dealt face-up.

Third round of betting – Here again you can check, fold, bet, or raise.
If, at this stage, there are still at least two Players, the fifth and final communal card (River) is dealt face-up.

Last round of betting -The Showdown! All remaining Players then create the best five-card hand possible. You can use in combination of your both pocket cards and three communal cards, one pocket card and four communal cards, all five communal cards

At this stage hands are counted and the best hand wins the pot. If there is a joint winner the pot is equally shared between two of them.

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