About Five Card Stud Poker

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Five card stud is another form of poker which is very interesting and comparatively easy to play. The reason for the ease of play is the number of visible cards helps a person to judge the strength of his hand.

Goal of the game – To finish with the best poker hand, and win the pot!

How to play Five Card Stud?

There are four betting rounds exclusive of the ante. On the first round of betting, the Player with the lowest value door card starts the betting which must be at least equal to half the minimum bet for the game. In proceeding rounds, the Player with the highest hand has to initiate the betting. In case of tie in hand rankings, the left most Player to the dealer initiates the betting. At the end, the hand with highest rank wins.

How to Play Five Seven Card Stud Rules

Steps of the game

Step 1: All the players put an ante on the table.

Step 2: Deal is done and the players are given two cards. One being faces down (Pocket card) and the other faces up. Betting is initiated by the player who has the lowest value card.

Step 3: Again deal is done and each player get their share of single visible card and betting takes place.

Step 4: Each player gets their 3rd visible card and a round of betting takes place.

Step 5: Finally each player again gets their 4th visible card which makes total of five cards inclusive of the pocket card.

Final step: All the players who have not folded, shows their hand and the player with highest hand ranking wins the race.

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